Contract Lamination

With a wealth of expertise spanning over six decades in process heat technology, the contract lamination division of Glenro stands ready to assist you with your production requirements. We understand the challenges that come with managing production capacity, low volume production, and product development. Our team of experts is here to help you overcome these obstacles and take your business to the next level, by providing flexible product development and contract lamination services that can be tailored to your specific needs and without the need for large capital investments. Let us help you increase your production capabilities, optimize your production processes, and bring your ideas to life.

Our Contract Lamination Facility in Maysville, KY features both Glenro Silcurv™ and Conductaplane™ lamination machines.  The facility also features the Glenro Radplane® Rapid Response Series 80 Electric Infrared Heaters in a vertical and horizontal mount that can preheat and laminate material using various adhesives.  A broad range of materials can be bonded by these machines.  Materials up to 72 inches wide and 6 inches thick in sheet or continuous roll process can be laminated at this new facility. The output of the Glenro lamination lines are Production Units—ready to be sold or integrated as a component into other products. 

The ConLam™ facility also features a Process Development and Testing Lab. The tests conducted in the lab can be used to optimize the variables for a ConLam production run, or to improve processes on our Glenro laminators out in the field.

For more information contact our Vice President of Lamination, Tim Caproni at, 606-564-4778