Infrared Systems

Glenro manufacturers infrared heaters, predryers, dryers and ovens for a broad array of applications. Glenro infrared heaters and systems offer several features and benefits:

• Intense heat puts maximum energy where it’s needed and increases line speeds.

• Precise temperature control incorporates zoning and closed loop feedback for product quality and uniform heating.

• Process temperature reached quickly on line startups.

• Rapid cool-down on line stops prevents product damage.

• High energy efficiency.

• Small footprint consumes minimal plant floor space.

Glenro offers a wide variety of infrared heaters, both electric and gas, that you can purchase individually or that we can engineer into complete heat processing systems. We’ll help you select the best infrared source for your application depending on your process objectives and expectations relative to energy costs. Our infrared systems include infrared heaters, temperature and power controls, air input, exhaust, enclosures, frames and safety equipment. We can build infrared systems to fit your line, whatever its configuration — horizontal, vertical or arched. Glenro infrared systems are shipped largely prewired, prepiped and ready for installation, which saves you downtime and installation costs. As with all Glenro products and systems, you can count on outstanding technical support.

Added energy in the right place can make the difference between merely acceptable and truly outstanding performance on a production line. Glenro’s infrared systems can be the proven solution to a wide range of heat processing challenges — faster line speeds, more precise temperature control, reduced energy cost, intelligent use of plant space, excellent product quality. Glenro infrared benefits show up on your processing line . . . and on your bottom line, too.

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