Process Development and Testing

For over 60 years, Glenro has been partnering with manufacturers to overcome process heating challenges through our pilot testing facilities. Our team is committed to developing practical process information that creatively satisfies new market and product manufacturing demands.

Partnering with Glenro for process development and testing offers numerous benefits. The equipment designed and purchased based on product testing at our facilities can be supported with a performance guarantee in accordance with the expected specifications. We believe this approach is mutually beneficial because we can ensure that our equipment will perform after witnessing successful trial results, and our customers can be confident that they have minimized their investment risk. The results of product testing with Glenro provide essential information to scale the pilot line performance to fit the production criteria our customers specify.

Engineering & Research Services

We offer a range of engineering and research services to help customers with product and process development.

Feasibility Check

Quickly demonstrate potential benefits of heat transfer equipment or to determine process feasibility and whether additional testing is warranted. No fees are associated with these quick studies.

Process Investigation

Study a process in-depth by investigating various factors to determine the optimum process conditions. We’ll provide copies of test data and a summarizing report. Minimum Duration: 1 Day

Engineering Development

Investigate and develop new methods of heat processing or custom design specialized equipment requiring knowledge of heat transfer technology.

Minimum Duration: 1 Day

In-Plant Testing

Conduct a test in the customer’s plant under the supervision of Glenro personnel. Per Diem rates apply, in addition to reasonable travel and living expenses.

Process Control

Successful manufacturing demands reliable and repeatable process control. One aspect of testing at Glenro is to determine the type of temperature and power control equipment that best fits the performance criteria you desire. Our expertise includes:

Coating Application Control

Line Speed Control

Product Temperature Measurement & Feedback Control

Heater Temperature Measurement & Feedback Control

Air Temperature Measurement & Feedback Control

Zone Control in Machine Direction

Zone Control Across Machine Direction

Process Heating Technologies

Our testing facilities demonstrate different ways of applying energy to a product through radiant, convective, or conductive heat transfer or through multiple transfer modalities. The flexibility of our equipment enables our engineers to be creative in developing solutions that meet the end product specifications.

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