Radplane Quartz Lamp Infrared Heaters

Series 251, 262, and 263

Glenro’s Quartz Tube Infrared Heaters are designed to deliver clean, quiet heat, with a high energy transfer rate of 50-100 watts per linear inch. They are available in medium or short wavelength tubes, and in Series 262 and 263 heaters, medium wave quartz tubes are used, while Series 251 is a high intensity T-3 tube model. These heaters are ideal for applications that require intense heat, with T-3 quartz tubes capable of reaching temperatures up to 4000°F.

Quartz tube systems offer excellent multizone control across wide webs, and are perfect for coating and printing applications that require intense heat due to high process speeds. In clean room manufacturing operations where there can be no risk of product contamination, Glenro’s quartz tube infrared heaters are the perfect solution. Gold-backed quartz tubes are also available, which direct heat towards the product for high energy efficiency, eliminating the need for insulated reflectors that can release contaminants into the product stream.

Glenro’s Quartz Tube Infrared Heaters can easily be retrofitted into coating lines, printing presses, and other equipment to speed up drying processes. They are also suitable for clean room applications such as medical manufacturing. Contact us today to learn more about our Quartz Tube Infrared Heaters and systems.