Hot Air Dryers & Ovens

Glenro offers a range of efficient hot air systems for industrial drying, curing, and heating applications. Our hot air dryers and ovens are designed for webs, fabrics, parts, printed circuit boards, wire, and other products, and are customized to meet the specific requirements of your application. Our state-of-the-art control systems ensure precise temperature regulation, and product flow and system orientation can be vertical, horizontal, or arched. We offer a variety of options, including support rolls, conveyors, doors for easy access to the oven interior, hot air bypass, threader, cooling section, and insulated ductwork.

Our hot air systems come in four types:

• Flotation

• Impingement

• Through-air

• Combination hot air/infrared

Our hot air system enclosures are well-insulated to minimize heat losses, and we ship our systems mostly assembled, piped, and wired for easy connection to control cabinets, gas supply lines, power or steam lines.

Glenro dryers and ovens offer several benefits:

• Rapid product heating increases line speeds.

• Uniform heating across webs, nonwovens, fabrics, and other products.

• Precise, automatic feedback temperature control systems.

Glenro’s flotation dryers use heated air to support the web from both above and below, making them ideal for applications where the web is coated on both sides or for delicate webs that cannot be mechanically supported. The web floats between the air nozzles without making contact, which accelerates drying. Our flotation dryer nozzles span the entire width of the product web to create consistent air turbulence and heat transfer for uniform drying. Air velocity and temperature can be adjusted to control the drying rate.

For maximum efficiency in drying web, fabric, and nonwoven materials, Glenro offers high velocity hot air impingement systems. Our impingement dryers project heated air at the product to break through the boundary layer of air surrounding it. The hot air transfers heat to the coating or saturant, while the turbulence created by the air velocity removes vapor from the coating surface and into the exhaust, which facilitates rapid drying. Air nozzle design is key to dryer performance, and we select the nozzle configuration that gives the most effective heating and exhaust for each application, while keeping cost considerations in mind. We also design the nozzle velocity, the width of the nozzle openings, nozzle spacing, and the distance of the nozzles from the product to suit your application.

At Glenro, we engineer proven solutions for your specific application requirements, helping you make a better finished product faster and less expensively.