Through Air Dryers and Ovens

Through-air dryers from Glenro offer high efficiency drying of air-permeable products like fabrics, fibers, and nonwovens. The technique uniformly transports heated air through the entire thickness of the product, achieving exceptionally high heat transfer rates. This design is also effective for curing, heatsetting, or thermal bonding similar products.

Glenro’s through-air dryers are designed with horizontal orientation, fixed or rotating product support rolls, and self-supported product or conveyorized systems. The double-wall insulated steel construction and pre-packaged skid-mounted heating apparatus ensure that the dryer is energy efficient and easy to install.

To facilitate product loading and unloading, the dryer comes with clamshell access, screw jack access, or access doors. Product threading can be motorized or manual, and the dryer can have either constant or variable volume control. Glenro through-air dryers feature precise process temperature control, and our designs are approved by CE, CSA, CUL, FM, IRI, and UL for safety and compliance.