Through Air Dryers and Ovens

Through-air dryers remove water or solvents from air-permeable products by uniformly transporting heated air through the entire thickness of the product. This technique creates exceptionally high heat transfer rates. Through-air design is ideal for rapid drying of porous products such as nonwovens, fabrics and fibers. Through-air is also a good choice for curing, heatsetting or thermal bonding similar products.

Dryer Design Considerations


Fixed or Rotating Product Support Rolls

Self-supported Product or Conveyorized


Double Wall Insulated Steel Construction

Prepackaged, Skid Mounted Heating Apparatus

Clamshell Access, Screw Jack Access or Access Doors

Product Threading, Motorized or Manual

Constant or Variable Volume Control

Process Temperature Control

CE, CSA, CUL, FM, IRI, UL Approved Designs