Glenro Expands Contract Lamination and Testing Operations.

Glenro Inc. has moved its Contract Lamination Operations to a new location adjacent to their Maysville, Kentucky Manufacturing Facility.  This fully renovated 30,000 square foot facility with extensive electrical and safety upgrades is now in operation with several Glenro Flatbed Lamination production lines.

Paterson, New Jersey – October 25, 2020. 

Both Glenro Silcurv™ and Conductaplane™ lamination machines are available at the new Maysville, KY lamination facility.  The facility also features the Glenro Radplane® Rapid Response Series 80 Electric Infrared Heaters.  The vertical and horizontal mounting of the infrared heaters can preheat and laminate material using various adhesives.  A broad range of materials can be bonded by these machines.  Materials up to 72 inches wide and 6 inches thick in sheet or continuous roll process can be laminated at this new facility.

Glenro Vertical and Horizontal IR System with Flatbed Laminator

The Maysville facility also features a lab area for testing new products, R&D services and prototyping.  Various process parameters such as speed, temperature and pressure can be adjusted to improve product quality and optimize performance.  Vice President of Lamination, Tim Caproni says “This new facility gives Glenro an excellent environment to provide lamination services for our customers using state of the art equipment.” 

Additional floor space and electrical services are also available for an expansion of our contract manufacturing services.  “Down steam operations for production of parts or finished goods from laminated material can be performed at this facility as well.” Caproni said.  Glenro is now positioned to accept new manufacturing partnerships.

For more information, contact:

Tim Caproni
Phone: 606-564-4778

Glenro, Inc.
39 McBride Extension
Paterson, NJ  07501

1100 E Third St.
Maysville, KY 41056