Radround Infrared Heaters

If your wire, cable, fiber optic, tubing or extruded profiles processing operations require intense, precisely controlled heat, you’ll appreciate Glenro’s Radround infrared heaters and systems. Radround heaters completely surround the product with heat for efficient and uniform heat transfer. You can speed up process lines without sacrificing product quality, because high heat transfer rates minimize oven dwell times.

The heart of each Radround heater is a quartz cylinder that is heated by a resistive metal heating element. As the quartz cylinder gets hot, it emits radiant energy. Product passing through the center of the heater receives uniform energy around its entire circumference. Heat not absorbed by the product is reabsorbed by the quartz cylinder, which reduces the amount of electric power needed to maintain operating temperatures. In addition to their efficiency, Radround heaters have a high watt density, which makes them ideal for applications where products require a lot of energy input in a small space.

The Radround’s quartz cylinder is tough enough to withstand impacts from most products that might strike or rub against it. An added benefit of the quartz cylinder is that it tends to be selfcleaning. Because these heaters run at high temperatures (with consequently short product dwell times), waste product coating materials typically burn away cleanly, requiring little if any heater maintenance.

Closed loop automatic feedback control systems keep Radround heaters at a constant temperature for consistent processing and product quality. Power controllers receive temperature input signals from thermocouples built into the heaters. You can easily interface these heaters with microprocessor control systems for full automation. For oven systems that use more than one Radround heater, temperatures can be controlled in different zones for precise processing.

Glenro can assemble Radround heaters into complete oven systems that include the heaters, temperature controls, supporting steel framework, material handling systems (such as conveyors and drives), air input and exhaust. We ship the systems assembled, tested and ready to install. Ovens can be configured vertically or horizontally, depending on your application. Glenro offers three models of Radround heaters, each suited to different types of manufacturing applications. Radround heaters are 42” long with interior diameters from 2” to 14”, and are available in a variety of watt densities.

Radround Series 40

This basic Radround model uses a solid quartz tube to heat the product passing through its center, uniformly and efficiently.   

Radround Series 41

For processes that require spindle conveyors or manual threading, you can specify Keyhole Radround heaters. These heaters include a slot to allow access for the conveyor, as well as easier product threading. 

Radround Series 42

 If you need quick, easy access to your product for threading or removal, split Radround heaters are the answer. These heaters deliver the same intense, efficient heat as the Solid Round model, but they use a split quartz cylinder and a hinged case for easy opening. Glenro can add optional lift handles or air driven lifting mechanisms for easy opening.