When Glenro started its business in 1958, manufacturers had little working knowledge of radiation heat transfer. “Show me!” was the typical response…So we did and continue to do so for over 60 years.

With the development of a global market, many traditional product manufacturing heat processes, like textile finishing, have found new homes in many different countries. Glenro continues to service the needs of these new manufacturers by sharing its 60 years of process experience and Proven Solutions®, helping them to transition into best available technologies and to grow their businesses more profitably.

In the same sense, many established product manufacturers find themselves on the forefront of new products and technologies and moving into market areas they never dreamed of being a part, like alternative energy. Glenro has committed its personnel and its facilities to stay abreast of these new product developments and has helped many manufacturers successfully venture into these emerging markets.

Our message is really very simple. If you have a question or concern with respect to an existing or future heat processing application, contact us and together we will work towards a suitable equipment solution.

To this end, Glenro maintains and operates two full service laboratories to better serve our customers.

Heat Processing Pilot Facility, demonstrating our heat transfer technologies.

ConLam™ Facility, demonstrating our laminating technologies.

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