Glenro process testing for Proven Solutions

Proven Solutions® since 1958

Glenro engineers are trained and experienced to work closely with customers. Our engineers enjoy working through the process development phase of a project, examining, qualifying and defining meaningful performance criteria. Then, in conjunction with our customers, build sound technical and economical solutions for the desired application that are guaranteed to perform.

Our decades of process experience, sensible engineering judgments and relentless commitment to succeed positions our customers to discover Proven Solutions® for their application. Glenro’s capabilities include all three modes of heat transfer; radiant, convection and conduction, thus, we are not limited in our approach to solving our customer’s heat processing application.

Glenro owns and operates its engineering services, as well as its technical centers and manufacturing facilities. Our customers find working with our engineering and sales personnel to be productive. Glenro welcomes our customers to our facilities and to our experience.

Glenro was founded in 1958 and we are celebrating with 60 years of dedicated service. Our engineering facilities, laboratories, marketing, and administrative operations are headquartered in New Jersey and our manufacturing and contract laminating/application lab facilities are located in Kentucky. We also have regional sales engineering offices to give our customers a high level of service and technical support.

Glenro Equipment

Glenro offers infrared heaters, as well as complete infrared systems. Our hot air equipment includes impingement dryers, flotation dryers, through-air dryers and specialty batch-style ovens. Glenro’s air pollution control equipment consists of three types of fume oxidizers for controlling VOCs, smoke and odor: recuperative thermal oxidizers, recuperative catalytic oxidizers, and regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO). In addition, Glenro offers flatbed laminating machines, complete laminating lines, and contract laminating services.

When working with Glenro you may discover our capacity to integrate ancillary equipment for use with our heat processing equipment solutions. For example, Glenro can provide material handling equipment or thermal oxidizers with our heating solutions, along with complete control integration. These are just a few examples of turnkey process equipment solutions that we can provide to our customers.

Products Processed with Glenro Equipment

It’s difficult to go through a typical day without coming into contact with several products that may have been processed on Glenro equipment. Products found in our homes, workplaces, schools, healthcare facilities, and automobiles — such as wall coverings, carpet, milk cartons, office cubicles, upholstery fabric, car seats, and headliners — were all heat processed during manufacturing, and chances are Glenro equipment played a role in that process.

Proven Process Performance

When Glenro was founded, we knew that to design efficient process heating systems you had to go into the laboratory and physically model the customer’s process, adjust the variables, and evaluate the results. Only then could you be sure that you had designed the highest efficiency system.

Over the years, we’ve added a lot of technology to our design approach, such as computer aided design tools to create advanced heat processing systems. But we still roll up our sleeves and spend hours in the lab. That’s where we make certain the system we design and manufacture for you will meet your processing requirements.

It takes extra work. Some might think it’s an old-fashioned approach. But our customers know it’s what sets Glenro apart from other companies.

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