Flotation Dryers and Ovens

Flotation dryers are ideal for applications where the web is coated on both sides, or for delicate webs that cannot be mechanically supported. Flotation dryers direct heated air at the product from both sides, producing more effective heat transfer rates per running length of dryer. The specially designed nozzles support the product on a bed of air, thus the term “flotation”. As with any application you bring to our attention, Glenro will apply its process experience as we evaluate your performance criteria and the physical characteristics of the materials to be heated to form the basis of any system recommendation.

Nozzle Design Considerations

Low Tension vs. Airfoil

Nozzle Gap

Nozzle Opening

Nozzle Centerline Spacing

Nozzle Air Velocity

Dryer Design Considerations


Integrated Designs

Double Wall Insulated Steel Construction

Prepackaged, Skid Mounted Heating Apparatus

Clamshell Access, Screw Jack Access or Access Doors

Product Threading, Motorized or Manual

Constant or Variable Volume Control

Process Temperature Control

CE, CSA, CUL, FM, IRI, UL Approved Designs

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