Impingement Dryers and Ovens

Impingement dryers are widely used for many web and fabric drying applications, but the performance of these systems can be limited by ineffective nozzle designs. At Glenro, we have the process experience, engineering capabilities, and testing facilities to optimize the drying performance of impingement dryers for your specific application.

Nozzle Design Considerations:

  • Nozzle Gap
  • Nozzle Opening
  • Nozzle Centerline Spacing
  • Nozzle Air Velocity
  • Nozzle Supply & Return Air Plenum Design

Dryer Design Considerations:

  • Horizontal, Arched, Vertical or Conveyorized
  • Single or Dual Impingement
  • Integrated Energy Sources
  • Double Wall Insulated Steel Construction
  • Prepackaged, Skid Mounted Heating Apparatus
  • Clamshell Access, Screw Jack Access or Access Doors
  • Product Threading, Motorized or Manual
  • Constant or Variable Volume Control
  • Process Temperature Control
  • CE, CSA, CUL, FM, IRI, UL Approved Designs

Tapered Nozzle Design

Glenro’s tapered impingement nozzle design provides excellent directional airflow. Gap, opening and centerline spacing are all application specific.

Return Tube Nozzle Design

Incorporates a tapered nozzle design with return air tubes between the center line spacing of the nozzles. This design is particularly effective for wide product applications.

Mailbox Nozzle Design

This diagram shows “mailbox” impingement nozzles, which generate a specialized airflow pattern.