Bench Model Dip Coating and Drying Systems

Glenro’s Bench Model Dip Coaters offer precise immersion and withdrawal speeds of printed circuit boards into and out of a conformal coating tank. These compact and affordable systems are perfect for short runs and laboratory use.

The dip coating process ensures complete encapsulation of the components by coating underneath them, resulting in high-quality protection against harsh environments. The thickness of the coating can be easily controlled by adjusting the withdrawal rate and viscosity of the coating. An optional recirculation-filtration system is available to keep foreign materials out of the coating. Glenro bench model dip coaters are designed for lower volume applications where larger, automated coating systems are not economically justified.

Conveyorized Dip Station and Control – The direct drive variable speed motor and roller chain conveyor with a stainless steel crossbar are included. Two models are available:

Constant Immersion and Withdrawal Speed Independent Immersion and Withdrawal Speeds with Dwell Timer

Dip Tank – The 304 stainless steel dip tank has a slanted top design to prevent the parts from rubbing against the sides when withdrawn. Inlet and outlet connections for the recirculation-filtration system are provided. A dip tank cover is also available to keep the contents of the tank clean and retard evaporation.

Work Table – The top of the stainless steel work table has an opening to insert the dip tank. It is mounted on a tubular steel frame with legs and castors for easy movement.